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2017 HHS Coach List


Written by: League Administrator
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

In case you haven't been contacted by your League Director, here is the list of coaches for the upcoming season. We look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow night at the Coaches Meeting.

BB1 Tooti Snider
BB2 Mallory Rybak
BB3 Aaron Barrett
BB4 Ryan Pasco
BB5 Jeff Fuhrer
GH1 Steve Todd
GH2 Shelly Fusselman
GH3 Benjamin McCutcheon
GH4 Amanda Grimes
K1 Danny Best
K2 Jenn Thomas
K3 Keith Laskey
PB1 Stefanie Wilcox
PB2 Jessi Thomas
PB3 Wheeler Goley
PB4 Alicia Hawkins
PG1 Andrew Swasey
PG2 Kari Hupp
PG3 Daniel Petrik
SB1 Aaron Bierley
SB2 Mike Barnes
SB3 Ray Blaylock
SG1 Jaskirat Sidhu
SG2 Jason Todd
SG3 Jesse Lewis
WB1 Dan Baker
WB2 Heather Arrowood
WB3 Michael Barnes
WB4 Krista Ochcenbein
WB5 Daniel Villegas
WB6 Emily Nave
WG1 Gary Fisher
WG2 Randy Almeyda
WG3 Jackie Baumgardner
WG4 Aaron Svisco

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