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Considerations for 2017 Registration


Written by: Rob Martin
Monday, May 8, 2017

  1. We are continuing our incentive in 2017 to be a Head Coach for your child's team. Final details are being worked out and specifics will follow, but it will include a "rebate" of your registration fee at the end of the season. So when you register your child, please make sure to sign up to be a Head Coach (we are not offering anything back for an Assistant Coach at this time). Please note that signing up to be a Head Coach does not guarantee placement as it depends on the number of teams and the number of individuals who sign up. Details will follow at a later date and will be posted on the website.
  2. If your child's birthday is after the cutoff date (July 31), but their age during the playing season would move them into the next division up, you are welcome to move them up; but you must tell us ahead of time (when registering your child) so that the they are properly placed and the teams are balanced from the outset. We can't make that decision for you and we don"t "assume" that you want them moved up. Unless we are told otherwise, their placement is based strictly on their age as of July 31.

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